In The Business of Protecting Insured Floridians.

​Our organization boasts a professional membership of nearly 400 members and associates who protect the interests of everyone who has suffered an insurance loss, from single family homeowners to Fortune 500 companies. We are the largest trade association for public adjusters in the nation.

​In February of 1993 public adjusters from across the state gathered to form the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters with a mission to work together to strengthen and add professionalism to the industry. FAPIA has since worked to enhance the industry, improving the laws and regulations governing the industry. From that initial group, the association has grown and made a difference in the lives of Floridians. FAPIA member strive to serve clients with honor, character and a sense of pride.

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS… Over the years, FAPIA has continued to grow in membership and in influence. When we stand together with one voice, our regulators, legislators and the public listens. Through a variety of programs, including lobbying and public relations, we help educate about the good work being done by the industry.

​HOW MUCH… How much would it cost you to have a team of lobbyists in Tallahassee to protect your ability to do business? As a member of FAPIA it is part of your dues.

How much would you have to pay for a public relations team to help promote your industry? To respond to negative articles or editorials? To formulate positive stories? As a FAPIA member, it’s part of your dues.

How much would you pay to have the best public adjuster specific continuing education courses? With three conferences per year, FAPIA does that. Our membership gathers three times a year for the finest in public adjuster training with memorable speakers and excellent exhibitors. Not to mention great networking, fabulous food and fun.

​Just as the service to you provide to insured consumers proves extremely valuable , so is the value in membership in FAPIA.

INVEST IN YOURSELF & FAPIA… Now is the time to invest in yourself and your career as a public adjuster.

​FAPIA members have exclusive access to our Members Only area on FAPIA.net. There you can find special member benefits, associate members who can assist you and your clients, even past presentations from top industry experts.

​You also get the forms and documents, including the model PA contract developed for and by FAPIA members. You even get a listing on the FAPIA Find An Adjuster section where the public goes to find public adjusters. 

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Join FAPIA
•    Professional Lobbyists in Tallahassee
•    Strong working relationship with DFS
•    Provides top-quality PA-specific Continuing Education
•    Public Relations Team to inform the public and the Legislature about the industry
•    Holds two day long seminars and one Annual Conferences each year for education, networking and information
•    Website provides up-to-date information necessary for your business
​•    FAPIA Forum magazine & Public Adjuster Guide
•    Member benefits and discounts exceed the cost of membership
•    Lend your hand to the industry voice
•    Recognition as a professional in your field
•    Listing on the www.fapia.net website where many people turn when they have a loss and need to find a public insurance adjuster
•    FAPIA ID Card sets you apart from the rest 

Membership Information and Benefits

The Value of Membership

Requirements to be a FAPIA member

Only persons who are duly licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services as Public Insurance Adjusters may apply for full membership. Membership is limited to individuals who fulfill all the requirements of FAPIA as set by the Board of Directors.
​Those requirements include:
•    Of good character
•    Being properly appointed as a public insurance adjuster
•    Having no more than one complaint filed against you with DFS (and documentation must be provided on any complaint)
​•     You must agree to follow
FAPIA’s Code of Ethics.